Remarks on Closure and Interior Operators in Bitopological Spaces

  • G. Thamizharasi Department of Mathematics, RMD Engineering College, Chennai-601206, India
  • P. Thangavelu Department of Mathematics, Aditanar College, Tiruchendur-628216, India
Keywords: ij-semi-closure, ij-semi-interior, -closure, bitopology.


Andrijevic and his collaborators studied the various aspects of closure and interior operators in general topological spaces and obtained several relations among them. Researchers in general topology studied such operators in bitopological settings. Andrijevic established that the result clA=Acl(int(clA)) holds for any subset A of a topological space where clA, clA and intA denote the -closure of A, closure of A and interior of A respectively. He also established the analog results for other operators in terms of the closure and interior operators in general topological spaces. In this paper we discuss the analog results in bitopological settings.


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